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Workouts and Health Tips!


  • I’m going to start by saying that working out really isn’t that bad and once you start working out you will love it because your body releases endorphins while you workout which make you happy. You will also feel great and accomplished afterwords.

  • MY #1 WORKOUT TIP: do it every day and it will become a habit… If you workout almost everyday and take one or two break days (but STRETCH during those break days) working out will become a habit.


RUN: I like to try to run 2 miles at least three times a week but my goal is to start running five times a week. While 2 miles is not a very long distance it is still beneficial and it is how much my skating coach tells me to do because it helps with my stamina on the ice (but you can run 10). Run with your DOG to make it more fun, if you want. CARDIO is very important and running is a fun way to do it, however I recommend doing other cardio exercises too, such as playing a sport or dancing.

AB WORKOUTS: I love doing ab workout videos. One of my favorites and a classic at the skating rink is Uptown Abs (it can be found on youtube if you look up “Uptown Abs”. My skating coach has me do this workout twice a day except for Sundays. I play the video and then without a break restart it and repeat the workout. However, if you would like something a little bit less hardcore try doing planks or do Kendall Jenner’s 11 minute at-home ab workout (just google it and it should pop up). It’s a light and slow-paced workout that still works the core. I also do pushups and use resistance bands for my ARMS, but I won’t go to into depth about that (maybe another article?).

LEG WORKOUTS: I have a few favorite moves for strengthening my legs. I do ankle raises (about 3 sets of 50) to strengthen/tone my calves and ankles. I also do squat-jumps (go into a parallel squat positions hold for 5-seconds and then jump and land in the same position and repeat. I do about 3 sets of 15). Finally, to work the inner thighs I do multiple things but there are tons of great inner thigh workouts on youtube. My favorite is a one by POPSUGAR FITNESS and it is a 10 minute at-home leg workout. I also do specific leg workouts for skating but they are hard to explain and kind of unnecessary for a non-skater. But, if you want more info email me at

Finally, STRETCH STRETCH STRETCH. Always stretch before and after working out. You don’t have to do anything super wild, but stretch. It helps PREVENT INJURIES and just helps your muscles look less bulky. I like to do lots of stretches but it would take up two pages for my stretching routine so I recommend going on youtube and finding an after workout and/or before workout stretching video.

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