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Too Early.

How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

Many students hate waking up early for school because many stay up late doing homework or other activities. Studies have shown that growing teens need to get nine hours of sleep or more. On average, young adolescent adults in high school get 6-7 hours of sleep due to workloads and many other factors. Sleep deprivation can cause many mental and physical problems such as diabetes, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, mood swings, and potential impacts on brain development. Those effects are just to name a few. Many private schools start later due to these outcomes, and counties are starting to plan for a later start time in public schools in the future years. While many teens drive to school, 56% have recorded that they have felt too tired to drive, and more than one in ten have said to have fallen asleep while driving due to early school times. Sleep is extremely important, and should be prioritized!

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