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Interviewing Caroline Willhite, a Senior Lifer.

What is your favorite memory from your 13 years at Steward?

That’s really hard to answer because so much has happened here in 13 years. I would say my favorite memory was walking down the colonnade this year at convocation with my Kindergarten buddy, Finley. I saw how far I had come and it was bittersweet because it was the last time I walked down the colonnade since I started at Steward.

Which teachers (to name a few) from each division of the Steward School have had an impact on your time at Steward?

Mrs. Saunders was my first grade teacher. She was wonderful and taught me patience and kindness. This same year my aunt passed away, and Mrs. Saunders came to the funeral for me and my mom. I saw then, how close the community at Steward is and I realized how truly amazing the community is.

In middle school, Mrs. Raggi was my advisor for a year at Steward and I have kept in touch with her even after she left to stay home with her kids. I always felt comfortable talking to her about anything and she helped me gain confidence in myself.

In the Upper School, Mrs. Freed is my favorite person ever. She is like my mom and best friend. I can talk to her about anything and I don’t know what I will do without her next year. She has taught me to be patient, kind, and hard-working.

What will you miss the most?

The relationships with students and teachers and the community of Steward. I feel so comfortable on campus and everyone genuinely cares about me and my plans for the future.

Which year of high school has been your favorite?

So far, senior year has been my favorite. I feel so close to others in my class and I am so excited that we can experience college acceptances together! I can’t wait to go on many more adventures with the class of 2018.

What is some advice you’d like to leave behind to the upcoming seniors and underclassmen?

Take each day as it comes. I know some days are tougher than others but there is always someone who cares about your well-being. Every teacher wants to see smiles and laughter and happiness throughout the student body. Try to focus on the little things that make you laugh or that are significant, because before you know it, you’ll be walking down the colonnade for the last time wondering what ever happened to the years.

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