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Richmond's Murals.

Have you seen the beautiful murals all over Richmond? If you haven’t, I’d suggest that you take a drive and see at

least a few - they are super cool! These projects must

have taken days, if not more, and the number of these murals is quite impressive. The addition of these wonderful works of art really liven up the already unique city of Richmond, and certainly make artists like me very happy to see them. No two murals are the same; you can find a lot of variety and different art styles throughout the paintings!

A few of my favorites are the more cartoony pieces, but multiple styles of art are used all over the city, including abstract colors, realistic humans and scenery, simplistic but automatically identifiable animals, and so, so much more. It’s really exciting that the artists behind all of these keep coming up with new and interesting topics, while new artists become inspired by these works and join the growing creative force that details the city.

These murals make use of wasted space, making ordinary walls and buildings into a colorful explosion of art. It’s obvious that I’m not the only fan of them, either-- the popularity of these works of art is causing new murals to appear all over Richmond.

A good example of these new installations is in Greengate, one of the newest additions to Short Pump, where several murals were painted for the suburban area to feel more ‘city-like’ (and it works! It definitely feels very urban) . Hopefully, in the future, more creative decorations like murals can spread throughout the city, capturing both the feel of Richmond itself and the amazing artists that inhabit it.

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