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The Things I Can Be.

I am a mountain

High in the sky

I am a river

Flowing freely down a stream

In the jungle deep in the jungle

I can be the king of something

Somewhere I matter

Somewhere I feel like I’m worth it

Somewhere society doesn’t matter

I can be alone and think

I can be alone and dream

I can be alone and fly

I can open my eyes and mind

Somehow escaping this matrix I’m stuck in

Where I’m told what to be

In this place I can choose what I am

No Rules and No Norms

I can just be Me

I’ll just follow my own beat

And I’ll make a song no one will forget

I’ll finally be set free

From this matrix I’m stuck in

In a way I think I’ll rule this Jungle

I’ll be the one they’ll look at for hope

I won’t just be some silly guy being told

What to be and what not to be

I’ll follow my beat until I can’t flow anymore

And that beat is in my heart

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