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50 Things to Do When You Are Bored!

  1. Read a book

  2. Listen to some good music

  3. Go on a walk

  4. Go to the gym

  5. FaceTime a friend

  6. Draw

  7. Meditate

  8. Write a poem

  9. Take a power nap

  10. Color

  11. Start a blog

  12. Write in a journal

  13. Bake some cookies

  14. Start to learn a new language

  15. Do a puzzle

  16. Lean how to play an instrument

  17. Have a dance party

  18. Plan your next trip

  19. Offer advice to a friend in need of it

  20. Go through old photos and memories on your phone

  21. Do yoga

  22. Organize your phone

  23. Do origami

  24. Clean your room

  25. Online shop

  26. Watch your favorite movie

  27. Watch a movie you wanted to see but never got to it

  28. Search for gifts for your friends and family

  29. Call your grandparents

  30. Binge watch that new Netflix series everyone is talking about.

  31. Do some extra credit

  32. Drink water - you're probably dehydrated.

  33. Learn about a new religion

  34. Cook something you’ve never cooked before

  35. Donate items you don’t need to a charity

  36. Try a new coffee shop or cafe

  37. Volunteer

  38. Search for new music

  39. Make a bucket list

  40. Make an ice cream sundae!

  41. Make a list of people who inspire you

  42. Tie Dye

  43. Go on a bike ride

  44. Watch funny youtube videos

  45. Spend time with pets

  46. Create a photo album

  47. See a show

  48. Do your laundry

  49. Build a fort

  50. Read an article about 50 things to do when you’re bored

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