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Dear Evan Hansen: A Review.

When you think about Broadway, what do you think of? Is it the bright lights? Is it the ballads?

When I think of Broadway, I think of the incredible stories being told right in front of me. Recently, I went to New York and saw the phenomenal musical, Dear Evan Hansen. Dear Evan Hansen is about a boy, Evan, who becomes a social media sensation overnight. It has everything you would ever want to see in a play! One day, Evan is printing out one of the daily pep-talk letters to himself that his therapist wanted him to write in the computer lab. As he is printing the paper, a boy named Connor Murphy snatches the paper from the printer and puts it into his pocket. That scene starts the action and plot build up during the musical!

Dear Evan Hansen not only has a perfect soundtrack, but also has a perfect story. The musical has hard hitting subjects and inspirational moments. Dear Evan Hansen has inspired so many people. The fans of this musical feel so emotional and positive while watching, especially after hearing one of the most inspirational songs, You Will Be Found. Dear Evan Hansen is being adapted into a book called Dear Evan Hansen: The Novel. The book will be written by Val Emmich with Steven Leveson, Benj Pasek, & Justin Paul.

If my review still doesn’t show you how incredible the musical is, then let me tell you that this musical won six Tony Awards last year. I personally can say there were very few dry eyes in the Music Box Theatre the night I saw it, and probably every other night!

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