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On Saturday, October 27, 2018, a mass shooting happened in Pittsburg at the Tree of Life synagogue. The horrific event showed the world that it is incredibly important that we educate people about it, so that anti-semitic acts of violence will never happen again. The people that walked in the synagogue that day did not know what was to come. Eleven people were killed and seven people were injured. The shooter was charged and arrested with 29 federal crimes and 36 state crimes. Antisemitism was the main motive of the shooter that day.

Unfortunately, anti semitism has grown immensely over the past few years. The Holocaust was a mass example of the heartbreaking and tortuous effect that anti semitism had on the world, a hateful idea that escalated to the genocide of millions. We will remember the names of those who have been killed forever and always.

We will always be stronger than hate.

  • Joyce Fienberg, 75

  • Richard Gottfried, 65

  • Rose Mallinger, 97

  • Jerry Rabinowitz, 66

  • Cecil Rosenthal, 59

  • David Rosenthal, 54

  • Bernice Simon, 84

  • Sylvan Simon, 86

  • Daniel Stein, 71

  • Melvin Wax, 88

  • Irving Younger, 69

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