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co-Editor In Chief

Hey! I’m Lucia Fogler, a Junior! I love to travel, cook and bake, write poetry, climb, and learn other languages. I have a deep fascination with American politics and International and Current events and love researching and writing about them. This is my second year on Steward Ink and am excited to write this year!


Zoë Macgill ('22)

co-Editor In Chief

Hi! I’m Zoë, and I’m a senior! I’m a singer/songwriter, a painter, a poet, and a believer. I’m also an avid plant enthusiast, and love all of mine like my children. Writing in any form is quite possibly my favorite thing ever, so I’m so excited to co-run the newspaper this year!

lily wood ('22)


Hey! I’m Lily, and I’m a senior. I love photography and graphic design, so I’m super excited to be using my skills for the newspaper! I also enjoy listening to music, reading self-improvement books, and playing video games.

adhya Yaratha ('23)


Hi, I'm Adhya, and I'm a junior here at Steward! I am really excited to write and edit for the Steward Ink this year!! Outside of school I enjoy dancing, reading, and spending time with friends and family. I love to laugh and have a good time! 

alaina jefferson ('22)


Hi! I’m Alaina, a copy-editor! I’m a senior, and I’ve been at Steward since kindergarten. I love reading (when I have free time), cooking, and playing video games! I love writing about scientific findings as well as social activism in current events! I’m elated to be a part of the newspaper team during my final year!

Annabel wang ('22)


Hi, I’m Annabel! I am a senior, and this is my seventh year at the Steward School. I love doing art, especially using colored pencils and graphite. I also take fiction writing as a hobby, but I do not always write in English since my first language is Chinese. 

charlie cram ('25)


Hey there I'm Charlie, and I'm a freshman this year. I love listening to music, learning about history, and sometimes writing about history. I like to think that I'm a master at mancala, but you can try to prove me wrong. I'm excited to be a part of the team this year!

couper cram ('24)


I’m Beth, a sophomore and the Ink’s new marketing and distributions officer. I’m super excited for a year collaborating on a bunch of ideas for a club I’m really passionate about. I might not yet be a very prolific writer, but I love it, and I hope to make my words count.

Garrett Ashworth ('22)

My name is Garrett and I’m the entertainment editor for Steward Ink! I love movies, photography, animals, music, and television.

Grady walsh ('22)

Hi! I’m Grady! I am a senior at Steward, and I love watching movies, playing baseball, hanging with friends, and listening to music. As the sports editor, I am obviously interested in sports, but I am also interested in film, fashion, politics, and all contemporary culture. I write, produce, and direct movies in my spare time. I am super excited and proud to be a part of Steward Ink!

Hayden Ashworth ('23)


Hello! I'm Hayden Ashworth, a junior. My hobbies include writing and drawing, and my favorite movie is Rushmore (which you should go watch right now).

File_000 (1).jpeg

Nayla Turpin ('22)


Hi, I'm Nayla! I'm a junior here at Steward and I love activism. I have always been known for being outspoken and for my leadership and that is how I got into social justice! I also love to do art and listen to music. I am so excited to be taking part in the newspaper to speak about important topics from around the world! 

Picture Submissions for Bios! (Jan 31, 2

gAtES FOX ('23)

Hi, my name is Gates and I am a sophomore. This is my first year working on the newspaper and I am super excited! In my spare time, I enjoy playing basketball, traveling,  hanging out with my friends, or playing with my dogs.

jackson rhamy ('24)

Jackson is a sophomore who studies foreign languages, reads simultaneously too little and too much, and tries to write creative fiction only to subsequently procrastinate by writing yet another Steward Ink article.

shreya natarajan ('25)

My name is Shreya Natarajan and I am currently a freshman! I have been going to Steward ever since kindergarten! Some of my hobbies include field hockey, traveling, and playing cards! I am so excited to be a part of Steward Ink!


Elise Gresham ('24)


Hi, I'm Elise, and I'm a freshman this year. I have a newfound love for writing, so I'm excited to join newspaper!! I like to sing, song write, watch good films, read, and romanticize my life a bit too much.




Hi, I'm Sonali Sanjay, and I'm a senior!  I read just about everything, ranging from the backs of cereal boxes to medical journals.  My hobbies include going to museums (particularly the VMFA), listening to music, writing poetry, eating Thai food, and debating.  Steward Ink is extremely important to me, and I can't wait to see the future of this paper.  Happy reading!


Aayush Lalwaney ('19)

Hi I’m Aayush Lalwaney! I’m in total favor of watching movies and eating popcorn with friends, as well as dancing 24/7. You have an extremely high risk of witnessing my unique (an understatement) dance moves when passing by me in the halls. I am also a consistent participant in theatrical performances at Steward.



Hi, my name is Tre, and I love sports and music. In my free time, I like laughing with my friends and writing (poetry).

2018-06-24 15_22_14.431.jpg


Hi, I'm Hannah Frank, and I'm a senior!  I ski, play tennis, and love pineapples.


sydney johnson ('20)

Hi, I'm Sydney Johnson, and I'm a senior!  

I just ski and that's about it.



Hi, I’m Emory Sutton, and I love fashion and travel! I’m a senior at Steward and I want to be a VOGUE editor or work within the fashion industry. My favorite designer brand is Chanel, my Barbour jacket is literally my child, and I have a shopping addiction.

matt lane ('20)

Hi, I'm Matt Lane, and I'm in 12th grade.  I enjoy travel, architecture, photography, videography, and discussions of current events.


Hi, I’m Julia Monroe, and I’m a senior! I love playing tennis, listening to music, and spending time with friends!

Thomas halsey ('20)

Hi, I'm Thomas Halsey, and I'm a senior!  Certified lifeguard and palm reader, there's nothing this Aries can't accomplish. I enjoy Harry Potter marathons, hanging out with friends, eating cool ranch Doritos, and going to Food Lion at midnight with my sister to get BBQ chips. My favorite singer is Frank Sinatra and I hope to visit Morocco someday.


courtlyn dranoff ('20)

Hi, I'm Courtlyn Dranoff, and I'm a senior!  I often talk about concerts, Broadway, Spotify playlists, and how I love chocolate :)

Kendall shamus ('20)

Hi, I'm Kendall Shamus, and I'm a senior!  I am so excited to be a part of the Steward Ink team!  I enjoy performing, seeing various theatre productions, and playing with my dog, Jeter.


Hi, I'm Allison Langenburg, and I'm a senior!  Christian swimmer and word enthusiast. In the process of learning stuff. Relishing the privilege of experiencing the unfinished stories of everyone I get to meet. (Go Spartans!)


Hi, I'm Sachin Sanjay, and I'm a senior!  I play on the Varsity tennis team, am part of the Battle of the Brains team, and participate in Model United Nations!  I like hanging out with friends, listening to classical and rap music, and playing video games!  



Hi, I'm Hailey Wharram, and I'm a senior! I love writing songs and poetry, singing, playing guitar and bass, journaling, binge watching tv on Netflix, reading, and creating entirely too many oddly specific Spotify playlists. I'm so excited to be co-leading the newspaper this year!


anya bhargava ('21)

Hi, I'm Anya, and I'm a senior!  I love to dance, play the piano, hang out with my friends, and binge watch reality TV, especially Dance Moms and Toddlers & Tiaras! I'm so excited to be co-leading the newspaper this year!

Picture Submissions for Bios! (Jan 29, 2

Taylor Poore ('21)


Hi, I'm Taylor Poore, and I'm a senior! I have gone to Steward since 7th grade and am excited to be part of the Steward Ink team! I enjoy baking, reading, acting, and spending time with my friends!

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